March 31st, 2020

Dear Industry Family,


We hope that you are doing well and maintaining your sanity during this difficult time. We know how trying it’s been on everyone physically, mentally, and financially. Here’s an update on how the gym is doing and our plans for this and the upcoming session:


Yup, we’re going to keep thanking you!


Thank you to our families who are frontline workers for keeping all New Yorkers safe, fed, and healthy during this time.


Thank you to the families that have continued to financially support us by continuing to pay team tuition, remaining enrolled in our Spring session, signing up for future sessions, and placing donations.


Thank you to the families that are supporting us in other ways - sharing our online content with your friends, liking our social media pages, leaving reviews, or purchasing our crazy t-shirts.


At the end of the day, we are a scrappy small business. We took over Industry Gymnastics with little to no financial support - and at every step of that process we were told that we were crazy. That it wouldn’t work. And yet it did. Why? Because we have an incredible staff and we have you, our amazing community.


The level of support we’ve received the past few weeks has been staggering and it has allowed us to do things that others said were impossible. Because of that support, and all that we overcame to get here, we know that we will weather this storm, we will reopen and we will continue to provide a safe place for all children to learn and love gymnastics. 


Now that you’ve made it past all of our blubbering, here’s the logistics:


Currently enrolled in the Winter 2020 session: 


As per the Governor Cuomo’s NYC on Pause mandate being extended to April 15th, we will not be able to reopen for the remainder of the Winter session. What does that mean for you:


  • You will receive 4 makeup classes for the four weeks you missed. These classes can be used during Spring 2020, Fall 2020, or any of the additional special makeup classes we will hold. Even if you are not planning on enrolling in Spring or Fall, we will still honor those makeups. You can just give us a call or email us when we re-open to schedule them.


  • Awards: Our coaches are working on the end of session awards and will email your child’s certificate to you next week. Once we reopen, you can pick up your child’s medal. 


  • Online classes: We will continue to offer livestream classes until we reopen. These classes are free of charge and you still get your 4 extra makeups even if you take part in them. We’ve got some new exciting content in store for the next few weeks!


Currently enrolled in the Spring 2020 session:


We’re changing the dates of our Spring session! It will now run from May 4th through June 27th.


We’re hoping that by pushing back the date NYC will be ready to get moving by then.


  • How do you know you’ll be open by May 4th? We don’t! But we’re taking this week by week and updating policies as we go.


  • I only paid the deposit. Will I still be charged on April 20th? Nope! You’ll now be charged the week of May 4th.


  • If the Spring session ends up being cancelled, will I still be able to get Pawsome Rewards? Oh yea! As long as you remain enrolled in the Spring session, you will still be eligible for the Pawsome Loyalty program (priority registration and 15% off Fall 2020 registration).

  • What happens if you cancel the Spring session? After we all have a good cry together, we’ll honor your Spring payments and carry over your credit to any future sessions or events we hold.


We miss you all dearly and we’ll see you soon!

Thank you,

Industry Gymnastics