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Cubs head on a teal background

Cubs (16-20 months)

Our Cubs 16-20 months class will introduce your little one to a structured class in a gentle way. This is the perfect time to focus on grip, taking turns, hand/eye coordination, and exploration. Special attention is given to stimulate the vestibular system (the inner ear system responsible for balance, spatial orientation, and coordinating movement with balance), with an extra focus on fun! Once you get going your little cub won’t ever want to leave the gym (but you do have to take them with you when you leave ;p).


Your coach will start with five minutes of play-time to warm up your child's body and make everyone feel comfortable and safe. Following playtime is a five minute age appropriate stretch routine and then you’re off to your events (Bars, Beam, Trampoline)! You’ll spend ten minutes at each event where your coach will guide you, and your cub, through a child-friendly circuit. After the hard work is done there will be five minutes of free exploration time, then bubbles and stamps to send you on your way! 

Class Policies:


  • For our Fall session, children must be 16mo by September 11th.

  • Only 1 adult may accompany each registered child.

  • Full COVID vaccination is required for everyone over the age of 5. COVID vaccination is strongly recommended, but not required for children under the age of 5. Masks are optional for everyone.

  • We do not offer trial classes or drop-ins.

  • For more information on our makeup, cancellation, and refund policies, view our FAQs

Current Session: Spring 2023 | April 17th - June 17th

Upcoming Session: Fall 2023 | September 11th - December 16th

Spring 2023 registration is now closed.

Fall 2023 registration opens June 1st at 9am. The link to register will be available on our website at that time. There is no priority registration for our Fall session.

Here is what your child will be working on in class: 




3 swings

Toes to bar

Reach and swing

Hang, walk feet up wall




Walk w/ grown up

Balance independently

Jump to SLP




Forward roll

Log roll

Tree fall

Cartoon brain



Follow circuits

Taking turns

Copy positions

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