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Our Philosophy

Industry Gymnastics offers a welcoming physical education program in a safe space where children can learn the values of hard work, dedication, and tenacity through the study and practice of gymnastics.


Gymnastics is a sport that enables our athletes to become well-rounded individuals. Gymnasts are both strong and graceful, competitive and humble. While developing gymnastics skills requires a lot of hard work, the hours in the gym fly by when your gymnastics team is like your second family. A cornerstone of our philosophy is teaching children to be encouraging and kind to each other. Through cooperative training they learn the value of teamwork. Although gymnasts primarily compete individually, the deep connections they form with other teammates in the gym will allow them to celebrate in their teammates’ successes, and provide them with comfort as they face literal and figurative obstacles in the gym and in competitions.


In a world that is hyper-focused on body image and appearance, gymnastics provides our children with the opportunity to value their bodies for what they can do, and not how their bodies appear. Their gymnastics heroes are healthy, strong, and happy, and may not fit into the traditional stereotypes of beauty. The children can celebrate their heroes because they can defy gravity and conquer the laws of physics.


At Industry Gymnastics, we want to foster an environment where our gymnasts are not afraid to try – and to fail, sometimes. Most people can give up too easily when faced with an obstacle. We want our gymnasts to learn that growth happens when you get knocked down, and that it takes courage to get back up and continue. That mentality, that perseverance, will help our children strive and succeed for the rest of their lives. We’re not training gymnasts, we’re modeling our children’s futures.

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