Zoom Gymnastics Classes

Are your kiddos missing gymnastics, but you're not quite ready to register them for in-person group classes? We've got you covered with live Zoom classes this summer!

Here's what you need to participate:

  • A computer, iPad, or phone with the Zoom app downloaded

  • 4x6 ft. (or larger) open space (ideally a carpet or yoga mat to cover the surface)

  • Couch or blank wall (kiddos will put their feet on this surface)

  • Stuffed animal (for 3-4yo classes)

  • Pillow or cushion (this will go on the floor and will have hands and feet touching it)

Cubs (Ages 3 years to 4.5 years)

Tigers (5-7 years)

Tigers  (Ages 8+)
Jaguars and Panthers (Advanced Class)