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"Aziz ke dagh kimi / Aziz ke dagh ko na paya to... Kabulvi. – Balkha. If all the Pakistani passport candidates underwent a simple and accurate examination at this time and rejected as many as possible, it would be a big disaster for the opponents of the resolution. Most of the applicants are simple peasants. They don't care about their security in the future and prefer to take the chance of dying at the hands of the enemy with their families... Balkha. – The department of the State Department warns Americans who travel to Afghanistan to beware of the possibility of kidnapping and other crimes and to take all necessary precautions, especially when visiting Kabul, the capital city of the country. According to The New York Times, a huge number of American tourists visit Afghanistan each year... Fuzuli. – The big touristic places in Kabul are the embassy of the United States and the presidential palace. The great attractions in Kabul are located in the center and south of the city, while people prefer to visit these places in winter, summer and autumn, which is better. There are two lakes, one is the Qasba lake and the other is the... Kabul has an incredible history as the capital city of Afghanistan. There are several historic sites in the city where you will be able to enjoy traveling. For more information about historic cities in Kabul, click on the link below. 1. Balkha: The Balkha or Balkh is a ruined capital of the ancient Persian Sassanid Empire.... Kabul is a beautiful and mysterious city of Afghanistan. It has a wonderful history and culture. In this article, you will find some of the major attractions in Kabul. For more information about the major attractions in Kabul, click on the link below. 1. Mazar-e-Ahmad: The Mazar-e-Ahmad, formerly called the Ishaqisar-din mosque, is a historic... The major places that must be visited in the capital city of Afghanistan are the Kumah International Airport, the Bagram Air Base, the Ghazi Amanullah Park and the Minaan garden. More information about these places and more attractive destinations in Kabul can be found in this article. For more information about the major attractions... The Kabul




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Kitab Khulashoh Nurul Yaqin.pdf haukhast

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