Special Events

(Ages 5 and older)

We offer a variety of special events to keep your child engaged and entertained.  From holiday parties to skill clinics, special events are a great way to experience the fun of Industry Gymnastics without the full session commitment! 


Clinics are one off events that focus on a particular gymnastics skill.  Our clinics are open to gymnasts of all levels ages 5+. Whether this is your child's very first time at gymnastics or they are an advanced gymnast, clinics are a great way to learn new skills. 

Holiday parties are a chance for you to take a night off while your child enjoys a night of fun, food and friends. 

Vault Clinic

March 21st | 5pm-6:30pm | $40 per child

This 1.5 hour skill clinic is all about Vault. All students, from beginner to advanced gymnasts, will improve their technique and get comfortable with vaulting skills: 
Beginner gymnasts: will work on running form, speed drills, hurdling drills, board position, dive rolls and straight jumps.
Intermediate gymnasts: will work on above skills plus squat-ons, and straddle overs. 
Advanced gymnasts: will work on the above skills plus handstand flat-backs. 

Click here to see awesome videos of our clinics!
Due to the COVID-19 Virus we have postponed this event. We will be providing a reschedule date shortly. Thank you for your continued support in this difficult time.