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Are you enjoying our online classes? If so, you can show your appreciation by making a donation to Industry Gymnastics.


Your contributions help us to keep our coaches employed, allow us to create even more online content for your children, and ensure that our gym is able to reopen soon.


Finances are a little tight right now? Don't worry, you can still help!

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A great way to support Industry Gymnastics is to like us on social media, share our content, or even leave us a great review. We want to keep your children active, happy, and doing gymnastics. So help us spread the word!

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Stick With Us

We want to start by saying thank you to all of our families! We're happy to say that even though we're closed, almost 100% of our families have chosen to remain enrolled. By doing this, we've been able to keep our entire staff employed during this time.

The impact of these closures is hitting the small business community hard. So many businesses have had to lay off their entire staff, with no guarantee that they'll be able to re-open after this passes. It's terrifying to think of the impact that this is going to have on our community. So, if you're able to, consider registering for  Summer Camp. Doing this ensures that we continue to maintain a much needed cash flow to keep our staff employed while we're closed.

Over the next week we'll be rolling out a schedule of special events, classes, and clinics that will take place over the summer that you can register for now. We are also working on some special loyalty perks for those of you who are riding out this storm with us. We will keep you updated as we roll out all of these programs!

Buy a Gift Certificate

Not sure when you are going to be able to return to gymnastics but also want to show your support? How about a gift certificate? They're good for all our programing, our gift shop, or even some snacks. Gift certificates also make great gifts (who would've thunk) school auction donations, or a way to bribe your children into getting along.