Tigers (6-8 year olds)

These 60-minute Tigers classes are great for returning gymnasts who want to grow their skills, as well as first-timers who have never been in the gym before. Our coaches will be running multilevel circuit style classes which allows students to work on drills and skills that challenge them based on their ability level. In this environment, the tools, equipment, and coaching is tailored to meet the individual needs of the gymnast. Coaches will start to hone in on form and technique so that students are more aware of their bodies on all of our apparatuses. These classes will lay the groundwork for more advanced skills like bridge kickovers, roundoffs, diverolls, complex jumping, splits, vaulting, turning, leaping, casting, back hip circles, and more. But don’t worry, coaches still find a way to balance out the hard work with our usual Industry Gymnastics fun!


All classes are taught by a USAG certified coach in an all-bodies-welcome environment.

Choose your 1 hour once a week class for the Fall 2021 Session (we do not offer trial classes or drop-ins):

If a class is full, follow the registration link to add your name to the waitlist.

Current Session: Fall 2021 | September 13th - December 18th

Upcoming Session: Winter 2022 | January 3rd - April 16th

What your child will be working on in this class: 





Thread the needle
Glide swing
Re-grip swings

L Hang & Chin Hold 




Forward, sideways, backward, passe walks
Forward roll
Straight Jump




L hold & Spiderwalk Handstand (Parallettes)
Plank & Slide 

Shoulder shrugs 

(P Blocks)




Forward roll
Backward roll
Bridge kickover



Straight, Tuck & Straddle Jumps
Donkey kicks to handstand
Squat on
Dive roll

Tigers (6-8 yrs)
At Home Conditioning Challenge

Conditioning at home is a great way for your child to improve their gymnastics skills, strength, and flexibility. These mini-workouts can be completed in 15-20 minutes, 3 days a week.

Join our Conditioning Challenge by downloading the Conditioning Tracker and turning it in to the front desk once all workouts are complete.
Every gymnast will receive a special achievement band for each month they complete the Conditioning Challenge. They can collect all 10 colors between September - June!