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Bobcat head on a teal background
Baby Bobcats
(3 - 15 months)

Join our 30-minute grownup/child playgroup designed for children aged 3 months to walking. Our classes promote self-learning, active engagement, and social awareness. Through sensory-based activities and physical play like stretching, rocking, rolling, and tummy time, we encourage movement and muscle tone for optimal brain development. As your child progresses, they will also learn basic gymnastics movements and skills. Connect with other parents and gain insights on fostering your child's independent play at home.

Class policies:

  • Cancellations eligible for a refund require 24-hour notice.

  • Rescheduling permitted with a 24-hour advance request, limited to one reschedule per registered class.

  • Classes are non-transferrable to other families.

  • Only one adult allowed with the registered child.

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