Baby Bobcats
(3 - 15 months)

This 30 minute class for children ages 3 months to walking, encourages babies to be self learners, active, and aware of self and others. Join our inviting parent/child playgroup, where you can connect with other parents and learn how to help your child facilitate their own play at home.


Our classes will include sensory based activities and physical play, such as stretching, rocking, rolling, and tummy time. Research shows that these activities stimulate movement and muscle tone which ties directly into brain development. As your child progresses through the age groups we will begin to incorporate simple gymnastics movements and basic skills into their classes.

Children in this class must be accompanied by a COVID vaccinated adult. Masks are required for the adults.

Tummy Time

Ages 3-6 months

Tues & Wed | 9:30-10am $15 per child


This is the perfect first visual, audial, and spatial exploration class for your little one!


We'll guide you through baby exercises, songs, and dances to strengthen core muscles and provide mental stimulation in an exciting and relaxed environment.


Ages 6-9 months

Tues & Wed | 10:30 - 11am $15 per child

It's time for our Tummy Time graduates to get moving as they gain hand, arm, and core control!


Designed to develop core strength and confidence for babies who are pulling up but not quite ready to let go and walk on their own. We'll guide you through songs, dances, and beginning stretches and exercises.


Ages 10-15 months

Tues & Wed | 11:30 - 12pm $15 per child

Time to get moving! Our Waddlers will develop core strength, gross motor skills, and confidence.


We'll work on stretches, balance and agility skills, and introductory tumbling. Early balancing and stability exercises will help to stimulate and develop your child's Vestibular and Proprioceptive systems. 

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