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Tigers head on a teal background
Tigers Classes
(4.5 and older)

Welcome to our action-packed beginner Tigers classes! In these exciting 60-minute independent sessions, gymnasts will dive into all Olympic gymnastics events - Vault, Bars, Beam, Floor, Mushroom, Rings, and High Bar. Why do we train on all events instead of dividing into gendered categories? Because it's fun, and all the skills and apparatuses seamlessly lead into one another, creating a well-rounded gymnast!

But that's not all – our goal goes beyond just teaching skills. We foster an environment that rewards hard work and embraces learning from mistakes, focusing on the athlete's physical, mental, and social growth. As they develop strength, skill, flexibility, and body control, they'll also blossom in teamwork, discipline, good sportsmanship, and self-confidence.

With our USAG certified coaches and an all-bodies-welcome environment, we create a nurturing space for all gymnasts to feel fulfilled, no matter their level. Join us now and let the amazing journey begin. Enroll your Tiger today!

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