Policy updates regarding COVID-19

We're sure you're just as excited as we are to get back in the gym, but understand that you might have some concerns. In an effort to keep your child happy, healthy, and safe, here are some new guidelines we’ve put in place (and we promise they won't be as confusing as your hybrid learning schedules). 


Drop-off/Pick-up Policies:

  • Arrive at our entrance on 5th Street and 50th Avenue five minutes before your child's class. Help us maintain physical distancing by lining up on a paw print when you arrive.

  • Before entering the facility, our staff will perform a quick health screening of each child to check for symptoms of COVID-19. Remain on the line with your child until they've completed their health screening.

  • Our lobby is closed to all parents and visitors in an effort to limit the amount of foot traffic entering the building. Once your child has completed their health screening, goodbye hugs and special handshakes will happen at the foot of the ramp before they enter our facility. Viewing of the gym is easily accessible from our windows on 50th Avenue.

  • Students should arrive in their gymnastics clothing, ready for class. Coaches will be in the lobby ready to greet each child and bring them in the gym.

  • After class, coaches will dismiss their class at our entrance on 5th Street and 50th Avenue. 


Family and Student Health Policies:

  • If your child is showing any sign of illness we ask that they not attend class. Help us to keep our kids and staff safe by staying home and taking advantage of our unlimited make-up policy.

  • Prior to attending class, all students will undergo a health screening and temperature check. If a student has an elevated temperature, or any symptoms of illness, they will not be able to attend class. They may return the following week with a doctor's note stating that they are fit to return to class. We're happy to reschedule any missed classes as part of our unlimited makeup policy. Learn more about our health screenings!

  • If anyone in your household has traveled to any location on the NYS hotspot list, the registered student cannot attend class for 14 days. We are happy to offer makeups for the missed classes. 


Student In the Gym Policies:

  • Effective November 12th, all children are required to wear masks into the facility and during practice. Choose a well-fitting mask that completely covers the nose and mouth. Neck gaiters or masks with valves are not permitted.

  • Students will sanitize their hands upon entering the facility and between rotations.

  • Students should bring their own water bottle.


Makeup Policies:

  • Until further notice, we will offer unlimited make-ups for all missed classes. Make-ups are subject to availability in an appropriate comparable class. 

  • All make-ups must be used during the Fall session and can not be scheduled for the first or last week of the semester.  

  • Due to the high demand for makeups and limited spots, cancellations and rescheduling must be made 24 hours or more in advance of the scheduled makeup. Failure to cancel prior to 24 hour will result in the make-up being counted as attended. 


Billing and Administrative:

  • All billing and administrative items (i.e., class transfers, makeups, etc) will be done via phone or email. Feel free to call (718-392-5437) or email (info@industrygymnastics.com) the front desk for assistance.


Staff Policies:

  • Must stay home for 14 days if they, or anyone in their household, tests positive for COVID-19. Required to submit a negative COVID-19 test upon return.

  • Must stay home for 14 days if they travel to any location on the NYS hotspot list.

  • Health screening and temperature check upon entering the facility.

  • Must wear a medical mask while coaching.

  • Must sanitize their hands upon entering the facility and between rotations. Must wash hands between each class.


Facility Policies:

  • Building capacity reduced to 50%.

  • Class curriculum altered to limit shared equipment and to promote physical distancing.

  • Hands-on spotting is limited.


We'll see you all soon!