Private Lessons
(All Ages)

Sometimes gymnastics is a challenge and we need a little extra practice time. Sometimes fear gets in the way of our progress. Sometimes our schedules just don’t work with group classes, but we really don’t want to miss a full semester of gymnastics!

Private lessons are a great way for athletes to get in extra practice on a specific skill or event that is challenging them. This can be working through a fear in a calm 1:1 environment, perfecting that pesky cartwheel, or an extra session of trampoline because we just love tumbling! 

During private lessons, students have the opportunity to work 1:1 with a coach to set specific goals and work towards them. That goal always includes fostering a love for gymnastics and fitness!


$80 per hour

All Ages

Private lessons are a great way to learn new skills, overcome an event fear, or just get a great workout. Coach can help you through any of the Olympics events and strength and conditioning training. Open to all ages, bodies, and all levels of experience.

Silks and Hammock

$100 per hour

8yrs and older


Have you ever dreamed of joining the circus? Now's your chance! Learn the art and technique of aerial work on our silks and hammocks. Not only will you look graceful and majestic,  you'll be getting a total body work out.  Lesson are available for children 8 and older and adults. Open to all levels. 


$100 per hour

5yrs and older


Learn strength, balance and aerial awareness on this classic piece of circus equipment. We will start with a foundation of conditioning to build and tone those muscles. You will learn how to spin and move above and below the hoop with a set of tricks tailored to you that will wow your friends and yourself! Great for children or adult beginners.

Sensory Friendly

$40 per half hour

All Ages


We offer sensory friendly privates for both children and adults with Autism, sensory processing difficulties, learning disabilities, ADHD, and a variety of other needs that require a calm environment. Our coaches will work one on one with the student to give them the best experience in the gym. These lessons are scheduled when the gym is empty or has minimal programming going on to ensure a calm and comfortable environment. We begin with a 30 minute lesson and add additional time as the student progresses

Adaptive Gymnastics

$80 per hour

All Ages


Adaptive private lessons are designed for people with physical differences to get the opportunity to participate in gymnastics. Our coaches will work individually with athletes to take their existing abilities and help them participate in gymnastics. This includes working on motor skill development, strength, balance, and gymnastics specific skills. 


We welcome and invite people with limb differences, neurological differences, neuromuscular differences, and visual impairment to try the wonderful sport of gymnastics!