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Cubs (3yo)

Get ready for your little superstar's big SOLO moment! Our Cubs 3-year-old classes are "grown-up free," which means you finally get that much-deserved coffee break. If it's their first time in a class without you, no worries! Our pro coaches excel at making your cub feel comfortable, safe, and engaged as they learn to take a class by themselves.

In these action-packed 45-minute sessions, their confidence will soar, and attention span will skyrocket! We focus heavily on independence, encouraging your child to complete the circuit on their own (even if it isn't perfect). But fear not – our coaches are there to facilitate more challenging skills while ensuring everyone has a blast while learning. Teamwork, following directions, and problem-solving are just a few of the muscles (besides their actual muscles) your cub will work out in these classes.

The coach will kick things off with a five-minute warm-up and a five-minute age-appropriate stretch routine, then it's time for the exciting events – Bars, Beam, and Trampoline! They'll spend ten minutes at each event, guided through a circuit by our expert coach. After all the hard work, there's five minutes of "play-time," followed by bubbles and stamps to celebrate an incredible class! 

Class Policies:

  • For our Spring session, children must be 3yo by April 3rd.

  • Unfortunately, we don't offer trial classes or drop-ins.

For more details on our makeup, cancellation, and refund policies, check out our FAQs.

Current Session: Winter 2024 | January 3rd - March 28th

Upcoming Session: Spring 2024 | April 3rd - June 22nd

Spring 2024 Schedule:

Waitlist Information

If a class is listed as 'FULL', you can add your name to the waitlist via the registration button above.

We can tell you your waitlist spot number, but can't predict chances of being called off the list as it depends on cancellations by others.

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