Jaguars Classes

Advanced Level (5 and older)

Our Jaguars classes work on intermediate and advanced skills building upon the fundamentals learned in our tigers classes. Students will improve their endurance, start connecting multiple skills, take risks, and increase their skill acquisitions. Their coach will help them cultivate a deep rooted sense of joy that comes from conquering difficult tasks and facing their fears. A perfect fit for students who are ready to take their gymnastics to the next level!


Jaguars classes are invitation only. New students must schedule an evaluation to register for this class. Current students must be recommended to register for this class. The evaluation will focus on strength, flexibility, behavioral abilities, and gymnastics skills on all apparatuses.

*Descriptions of "Women's Olympic events" and "Men's Olympic events" reflect the USAG guidelines for gymnastics categories that are broken up into "female" and "male" skills. We recognize that not every child fits into the gender binary. Our Tigers classes are open to children of all gender identities and will include exposure to all Olympic events. regardless of category. Industry Gymnastics supports kids of all gender identities.