Summer Camp FAQs

General Information

What are your summer camp hours?

Our half day camp (for ages 3 and 4) operates from 9am to 12pm. Our full day camp (for ages 5 and up) operates from 9am to 3pm.

What are your camp dates and tuition?

Our 2021 summer camp operates from July 6th through August 27th. For your convenience, you can register for camp by the week. Our half day camp is $335/week and our full day camp is $535/week.

Are you a licensed summer camp provider?

Yes, we are licensed by the NYC Department of Health. A copy of our summer camp permit is posted in our lobby.

What do the kids do in camp?

During camp, your gymnast will have the opportunity to learn new skills on each of the Olympic events - beam, bars, parallel bars, mushroom, rings, vault, floor, and trampoline. Campers will also work on strength, cardio, and flexibility training. In addition, campers will do arts & crafts, engage in group games and themed activities, and enjoy park play (weather permitting). Please note, there will be no outdoor park activities for our Summer 2021 Camp due to COVID-19 restrictions. For a sample of our half day daily schedule, click here. For a sample of our full day daily schedule, click here.

What is the camper-to-coach ratio?

Our ratio for half day camp is 7:1. Our ratio for full day camp is 8:1.

Who teaches camp?

Our recreational and team coaches also coach our summer camp! For more information about our coaches, visit our staff page.

What should my child wear/bring to camp?

Lunch, a water bottle, two snacks, and any necessary medications in a well-labeled bag each day. Please carefully label items in the bag. We are a nut free camp. This means that your children may not bring any food items containing peanuts, tree nuts, or other nuts to camp. Children with nuts in their lunches will be asked to eat in an area away from the other children. Their Industry Gymnastics camp shirt. We go outside everyday and it is mandatory that they wear it when we are outside. ( This does not apply for our Summer 2020 Camp.) Children should dress comfortably in clothing that allows them to move freely and use the restroom unassisted. Children may wear leotards or athletic attire, and long hair should be pulled back. They should not wear jewelry, and clothing should be free of clasps, zippers, or button waists. On Fridays we will go to the waterfront for some water balloon fun at the beginning of the day. Children should arrive for camp with their bathing suits on and camp shirt over the top. They should already have sunscreen applied. Please pack a change of clothes in a ziplock bag in their backpacks. (This does not apply for our Summer 2020 Camp.)

Do I have to purchase a camp shirt?

Yes. Every full day camper must have a purple Industry Gymnastics camp shirt. If your camper forgets their shirt, we are happy to provide them with one and you will be charged an additional $5.


Can I register by the day?

Camp registration is on a weekly basis to ensure that we provide proper camper-to-coach ratios. In addition, our camp curriculum is progressional. Each day, they will build on the previous days skills.

What is the cancellation and refund policy?

Cancellations must be made one week prior to the camper's start date to receive a refund. Exceptions due to extenuating circumstances will be reviewed on a case by case basis.

My child has never taken gymnastics before. Is this camp appropriate for them?

Yes. Our camp is great for gymnasts of all levels, from beginner to advanced.

My child has special needs or a physical disability. Is this camp appropriate for them?

Industry Gymnastics welcomes gymnasts of all abilities. We want to be sure that we’re providing the most supportive environment for them. Please email us at with specific information so that we can discuss necessary accommodations.

My child is gender expansive. Is this camp appropriate for them?

Industry Gymnastics supports kids of all gender identities. We recognize that not every child fits into the gender binary. While USAG guidelines for gymnastics classes are broken up into "girls" and "boys" events, as that is the standard in Olympic gymnastics, our LGBTQ+ coaches and allies, have created a safe space to enjoy any event regardless of gender.

My child is almost 5. Can I register them for full day camp?

All full day campers must be 5 by their camp start date. While we understand that children’s maturity levels and abilities differ, we are limited by the restraints of our permit and can only offer full day camp to children that are currently 5 or older.

How are the campers grouped?

While groupings are primarily made by age, we do also take into account the skills that each gymnast is working on because our coaches lesson plan for each apparatus. Our coaches work hard on the groupings so that each child is working on the skills appropriate for them, while giving them a little push. Each week of camp has a different set of children with different levels of exposure and skills on each event. Each week is unique and the coaches take that into account. It is for this reason that your child may be in a different group if they’re registered for multiple weeks. In addition, we occasionally switch their group placements after the first day if we feel that another groups skill focus would be a better fit. This does not mean they are being moved “up” or “down” a level as all of the groups are equal. It is a lateral shift that will better fit their needs as a gymnast and will help them continue to feel confident and attain their skills at an appropriate rate.

Can I request that my child be in the same group as their friend?

While we cannot guarantee group placements, you can email us a group request up to 1 week prior to your child’s start date at We will do our best to accommodate this request, but keep in mind that we will always place the priority on appropriate skill placement over group requests. In addition, our campers will see each other at lunch and during groups games and park play, so they will have plenty of opportunity to spend time with their friends.


Is there an aftercare program?

There is no aftercare for our Summer 2020 Camp. Typically, we offer aftercare Monday through Thursday from 3pm to 6pm at an additional cost of $35/day. There is no aftercare on Fridays.

Will my child be doing more gymnastics in aftercare?

Aftercare is a wonderful opportunity to provide working parents with necessary childcare; however, because our competitive team trains in the afternoons, aftercare children will not enter the gym between the hours of 3pm and 6pm. Aftercare activities will include games, arts & crafts, reading, and trips to the park.

Check in/Sign Out

When arriving, where should I check-in and drop-off my child?

On the first day of camp, please arrive at the Industry Gymnastics entrance on 5th Street and 50th Avenue between 8:50am – 9:00 am. Our staff will have a check-in table ready to welcome you to camp. Stop by the table to find out which group your child is in, drop off any forms, and pick up your child’s camp shirt (or purchase one, if you haven’t yet). Please check our new health policies for our Summer 2020 Camp, as this will affect our check-in process.

Can I drop my child off before 9am?

Unfortunately, we do not offer early drop-off. While we begin the sign-in process at 8:50am, an adult needs to stay with their child in the lobby until they are called into the gym at 9am.

Do I have to stay with my child after check-in?

If you check in your child prior to 9am, you must stay with them in the lobby until they are called into the gym to begin their camp day. Our lobby is a public one and they are not being actively supervised by our staff until they enter the gym at 9am.

Health and Safety

Does my child need to have a medical form on file in order to attend camp?

Before kids begin their first day of camp, we must have their medical forms completed because we are regulated by the NYC Department of Health. We require every camper to have a current (within 12 months) medical form on file.

Who fills out the medical form?

There are 2 parts to the medical form. The top half of the form is filled out by the parent and the bottom half of the form must be filled out by your child’s pediatrician. The form must be signed and dated within the last 12 months in order to be considered valid.

Can I give you a copy of the health form that I give to my child’s school?

Yes, as long as it’s dated within the last 12 months, that form is acceptable.

I do not have the medical form. Can my child still come to camp?

Your child cannot be admitted into camp without a completed medical form. Even if you are in the process of getting the form from your child’s pediatrician, we cannot admit them while you are waiting. Please note, it typically takes 24-48 for your child’s pediatrician to process a medical form request. Do not wait until the first day of camp to put in your request, as your child will miss several days of camp while you wait. We are unable to prorate the tuition because of missed days of camp, so you will not receive a refund if your child misses camp because of missing forms.

My child has an epi-pen or inhaler. Should I send them to camp with it?

Yes. Please inform us of all medications they need. If your child requires any medications, please drop that off with us during check-in.

My child has allergies/I prefer a particular sunscreen. How do I handle this?

We will be happy to show you the sunscreen and bug sprays that we use during check in. If you have a particular brand preference or your child has an allergy, we ask that you pack your own daily.

My child is sick. Can I send them to camp?

Please keep your child home if they have a fever or any other contagious illnesses. If your child becomes ill during the day, we will call you and ask you to pick them up. Please note that a child needs to wait 24 hours after having a fever to return to camp. If they are diagnosed with lice, they need to wait 48 hours before returning to camp. If your child is diagnosed with anything that is contagious, please notify us so that we can make the proper cleaning arrangements. If your child has any preexisting health condition (i.e., eczema), please let us know in advance.

Are you adjusting your health policies due to COVID-19?

Yes! Please visit our Check the Facts campaign page for an up to date list of all new health policies.

Meals and Snacks

Are meals provided?

Meals are not provided. Campers should pack a lunch, 2 snacks, and a water bottle. Please make sure you provide enough food for both lunch and snack as your gymnasts will be burning lots of energy! We are a nut free camp. This means that your children may not bring any food items containing peanuts, tree nuts, or other nuts to camp. Children with nuts in their lunches will be asked to eat in an area away from the other children.

What kind of lunch and snack should I pack?

We encourage campers to bring protein and nutrient rich foods, including: lean meats, cheese, yogurt, legumes, and fruits/vegetables (no candy). We are a nut free facility (this includes peanut butter, almond butter, cashews, etc.). Keep in mind that your child will be burning more calories at camp than they do at school, so they may need more food to keep them full throughout the day.