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Cubs (2yo)

Our Cubs two-year-old classes are the perfect stepping stone for your child's transition to our "no grownup" classes, which they'll begin once they turn 3! With a strong focus on independence and following directions, we'll continue to enhance body awareness, strength management, hand-eye coordination, and balance. Watch in awe as your little one begins to take on the balance beam solo, swing independently, and jump and lands safely by themselves! Graduating to our Cubs 3-year-old class will be here before you know it – cue the band playing "Pomp and Circumstance" for this milestone achievement!


Let the adventure begin with five minutes of playtime and a five-minute age-appropriate stretch routine led by our expert coaches. Then, it's off to the thrilling events – Bars, Beam, and Trampoline – spending ten minutes at each, guided through a child-friendly circuit. After all the hard work, there's five minutes of free exploration and celebration with bubbles and stamps!

Class Policies:

  • For our Spring session, children must be 2yo by April 3rd.

  • Each registered child may be accompanied by only one adult.

  • Unfortunately, we don't offer trial classes or drop-ins.

For more details on our makeup, cancellation, and refund policies, check out our FAQs.

Current Session: Spring 2024 | April 3rd - June 22nd | Registration is now closed

Upcoming Session: Fall 2024 | September 9th - December 20th | Registration opens May 31st  @ 9am

Spring 2024 Schedule:

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