Cubs (2 year olds)

It’s almost time to graduate! Our Cubs two year old classes prepare your child for the transition to our “no grownup” classes [Which they begin once they are 3]. There’s a strong focus on independence and following directions as we continue to work on body awareness, strength management, eye-hand coordination, and balance. Your child will start walking on the balance beam alone, swinging solo, and jumping and landing safely by themselves! Before you know it, they’ll be walking across that stage and moving that tassel to the left…. we mean, graduating to our cubs 3 year old class! *Cue the band playing Pomp and Circumstance.*


Your coach will start with five minutes of play-time followed by a five minute age appropriate stretch routine and then you’re off to your events (Bars, Beam, Trampolene)! You’ll spend ten minutes at each event where your coach will guide you, and your cub, through a child-friendly circuit. After the hard work is done there will be five minutes of free exploration time, then bubbles and stamps to send you on your way!


Children must be accompanied by a parent, guardian, or caregiver, and it is interactive for both the child and adult. We encourage the adults to let children work more independently, while reinforcing proper listening skills.

Due to COVID-19 this class will not be offered during Fall 2020

Here is what your child will be working on in this class: 




3 swings

Toes to bar

Reach and swing

Hang, walk feet up wall




Walk w/ grown up

Balance independently

Jump to SLP



Forward roll

Log roll

Spider walk handstand



Follow circuits

Taking turns

Copy positions