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Panthers Classes

Advanced Level (7+)

Our Panthers program is for the advanced gymnast who is looking to perfect their technique. We'll work on fine-tuning previously-learned skills, connected 2 or more skills together, as well as learning completely new skills. In this class, gymnasts will learn back hip circles, bridge kickovers, pullovers without a spot or mat, handstand to bridge, handstand forward rolls, one arm cartwheels, and cartwheels and handstands on the Beam.


Panthers classes are invitation only. If a current student is ready for this level, you will receive an invitation email one week prior to the opening of the upcoming sessions registration date. Most Jaguars students remain at that level for multiple sessions before they're invited to the Panthers program. New students can email to schedule an evaluation for this program if they are currently taking gymnastics classes at another facility. If your child has not taken a gymnastics class for over 3 months, they should begin in a Tigers class.

Class policies:

  • For our Spring session, children must be 7yo by April 17th.

  • Only register for this class if you have received an invitation email.

  • Children ages 5+ must be fully vaccinated (2 doses) against COVID-19. Masks are optional for everyone.

  • We do not offer trial classes or drop-ins..

  • For more information on our makeup, cancellation, and refund policies, view our FAQs

Current Session: Winter 2023 | January 3rd - April 5th

Upcoming Session: Spring 2023 | April 17th - June 17th

Spring 2023 Session

Priority registration (for currently registered families) opens on February 14th.

General registration (for all other families) opens on February 23rd at 9am.

What your child will be working on in this class: 




Pullover (2 foot start)
Glide swing
Double back hip circle
Shooting star dismount
Squat on
Tap swings 




Full turn in passe
Split leap
Jumps (straight, tuck, split)
Round off dismount




L hold & Spiderwalk Handstand (Parallettes)
Plank & Slide 

Shoulder shrugs 

(P Blocks)




Walkovers (front & back)
Round off
Back extension roll to handstand
Back handspring
Front handspring
Front tuck




Handstand hops
Straight jump to 2ft mat
Handstand flatback
Front handspring

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