Panthers Classes

Advanced Level (5 years & older)

Our Panthers class is for the advanced gymnast who is looking to perfect their technique, but is not pursuing the competitive team. Students will focus on advanced bars, beam, and vault technique, and front/back tumbling. 


This is an invitation only program for gymnasts 5 years and older. Please speak to your child’s current Industry Gymnastics coach to see if this is the right step for your child.

Panthers Performance Troupe

This is an invite only advanced level performance group. Students will perfect their form and art as they learn and perform routines that include tumbling, dancing, and partnered acrobatics. If they have an interest, there will also be an opportunity to learn the fundamentals of lyra and hammock aerial arts. The troupe begins in the fall semester developing skills and building strength/endurance. During the winter semester they will incorporate those skills into choreographed routines. Finally, in the spring semester they will perfect those routines and perform at several street festivals/events. This is the perfect class for a student who has excelled at gymnastics and is ready to show the world!

Students must also be enrolled in the Panthers class to participate.

Due to COVID-19 the performance troupe is currently on hold. 

Upcoming Session: Fall 2020 | September 14th - December 19th, 2020 

What your child will be working on in this class: 



Pullover (2 foot start)
Glide swing
Double back hip circle
Shooting star dismount
Squat on
Tap swings 



Full turn in passe
Split leap
Jumps (straight, tuck, split)
Round off dismount



L hold & Spiderwalk Handstand (Parallettes)
Plank & Slide 

Shoulder shrugs 

(P Blocks)



Walkovers (front & back)
Round off
Back extension roll to handstand
Back handspring
Front handspring
Front tuck



Handstand hops
Straight jump to 2ft mat
Handstand flatback
Front handspring