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Panthers head on a teal background
Panthers Classes

Advanced Level II (7+)

Welcome to our exclusive Panthers program, designed for the advanced gymnast looking to perfect their technique! In this class, we'll take your skills to the next level by fine-tuning previously learned moves, connecting 2 or more skills together, and mastering completely new skills. Get ready to dive into a world of gymnastics excellence as we work on back hip circles, bridge kickovers, pullovers without a spot or mat, handstand to bridge, handstand forward rolls, one-arm cartwheels, and cartwheels and handstands on the Beam.

Panthers classes are invitation-only, and if you're ready for this thrilling challenge, you'll receive an email invitation one week prior to the upcoming session's registration date. No need to stress if your child hasn't received an invitation yet! Most Jaguars students remain at that level for multiple sessions before being invited to join Panthers.

New gymnasts from other facilities can email us to schedule an evaluation for this program.

Class policies:

  • INVITATION ONLY: Only register for this class if you have received an invitation email.

  • For our Spring session, children must be 7yo by April 3rd.

  • We do not offer trial classes or drop-ins.

​For more details on our makeup, cancellation, and refund policies, check out our FAQs.

Current Session: Spring 2024 | April 3rd - June 22nd | Registration is now closed

Upcoming Session: Fall 2024 | September 9th - December 20th | Registration opens May 31st  @ 9am

Panthers 7-9yo

Pre-requisite: Must have received an in​vitation to the program

Panthers 10+
The IG Conditioning Challenge

Elevate your abilities, boost your strength, and enhance your flexibility with our exciting IG Conditioning Challenge!

Here's How It Works:

Gymnasts will embark on a journey of mini-workouts designed to be completed comfortably in approximately 10 minutes each. There's no need to rush; take your time and enjoy the process.

After you've successfully completed each workout, simply mark it off on our tracker. Once you've accomplished three workouts every week, for a total of four weeks, submit your tracker to our front desk at the end of the month.

As a token of your accomplishment, you'll be awarded a special achievement band! But that's not all – you have the opportunity to collect all ten dazzling colors from September to June.

Get ready for an incredible experience of growth and achievement!

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