Cubs (4 - 4.5yo)

Little cub, who? In the final class of our Cubs series, our coaches begin the transition from ‘circuit’ based training to ‘station’ based training. What does that mean? It means your cub will focus on one skill for a set time period before moving on to the next one. This new class style increases focus and endurance so that there is more time to learn detailed information about one skill and muscle memory is developed more quickly! It will also help prepare your child for our full length classes (4.5 years +). Watch your child grow from a little cub into a fierce tiger in these amazing classes.


The coach will start with a five minute warm up followed by five minutes of an age appropriate stretch routine and then they’re off to their events (Bars, Beam, Trampoline)! They'll spend ten minutes at each event where the coach will guide your cub through several stations. After the hard work is done there will be five minutes of bubbles and stamps!

Choose your 45-minute once a week class for the Fall 2022 Session (September 12th - December 17th)

  • Your child must be 4yrs by September 12th

  • We do not offer trial classes or drop-ins

  • For more information on our policies, view our FAQs

If a class is full, you can sign up for the waitlist via the registration link above.

Current Session: Spring 2022 | April 25th - June 17th

Upcoming Session: Fall 2022 | September 12th - December 17th

What your child will be working on in this class: 





Reach and swing

Front support

Forward roll

Koala hang

Thread the needle





Walk (forward, sideways, backward)

Passe 'fllamingo" walks

Jump to SLP




Forward roll

Backward roll over barrel

Spider walk handstand

Monkey jump (beginner cartwheel)




Jumps (straight, tuck, straddle)

Donkey kicks

Squat on

Seat drop to stand