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Holiday Workout

Written by: Coach Kelley

Hey everyone! Who else is ready to be done with 2020?

As we get ready to toss this year in the dumpster, I would like everyone to take a deep breath and remember that we can do hard things. Over the past year I’ve come to realize just how much of an influence my physical health has on my mental health. Whether going for a run with my dog or finding my inner Zen (and my dog) on my yoga mat, I felt ready to handle whatever garbage the world was going to throw my way.

So, this holiday season, as you’re finishing up all the wine you’ve bought this year, don’t forget to also move your body. Here's some quick and easy workouts you can do from home:

Happy holidays and don’t forget to drink water!

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Now, that is so good. I'm enjoying my summer holidays since few weeks and I was lil confuse for my workout then I gave a read to that article and it seems quite working. I'm gonna follow this one from this day farward. Now it's time to avail for more information

Gefällt mir
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