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The Power of She

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

There is no better time than now to share a powerful and inspirational message from a brand who's bringing women together through purpose and community. Athleta is an athletic apparel brand, exclusively for women and girls. While they feature quality clothing and accessories for fitness and sports - including yoga, swimming, running, and golf -they are more than just a clothing company. They are a band of women who inspire, uplift, and empower each other to realize their potential and power within.

Much like the women who marched this past weekend, the Athleta woman is someone who pushes forward, not just for herself, but for others. Athleta is bringing together a community of women of all shapes, sizes, and abilities to join forces and inspire one another to unlock their boundless potential!

The Gap company just recently launched a line for young girls, called Athleta Girl (our gymnasts are pictured above wearing Athleta Girl clothing, which you can buy here). With a mission similar to their women's line, they're sending a message to girls to be bold, brave, and strong. This message is important for girls to realize, especially when they are at such an impressionable age. They are our future leaders after all, and we want them to grow to be strong, fierce, confident women who know no limits to what they can accomplish.

At LIC Kids Gymnastics, this is also our mission. We want to instill confidence and mental strength in our athletes. While gymnastics is a sport of strength and flexibility of the body, it is also a sport that requires mental strength and flexibility. We want our young athletes to know the value of hard work and dedication, while working together with their teammates to motivate each other, and ignite the power they have inside. They are very much a united group of girls; they encourage and uplift, they push each other to be their best, and they are supportive and compassionate when times get tough. We truly believe this will help mold them for the future, and that they will carry that strength and power with them in order to reach their dreams!

With a brand like Athleta uniting and inspiring, girls and women have a sisterhood they can lean on to help them achieve anything, because they realize the Power of She.


"The Power Of She is a movement encouraging women and girls to come together to lift each other up and realize our limitless potential. Alone we are strong,, united we thrive" - Athleta


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