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5 Reasons Gymnastics is a Great Winter Activity

Updated: Nov 19, 2018

We all know about those cold weather blues! As temperatures drop, our bodies go into energy conservation mode to retain heat, and we become a bit more sedentary. Being confined to the indoors doesn't help either, causing us to feel tired, and even bored. With outdoor activities and playground time coming to a close for a while, we become desperate to find ways for children, and ourselves, to stay active and energetic! What better activity than gymnastics?

Here are five reasons why gymnastics is a great winter activity for your child:

1. Burn energy, beat lethargy.

2. An active mind, beats boredom. Gymnastics helps keep the mind active and imaginative, helping to fight boredom and find inspiration.

3. It will help them keep up with playground moves and skills. Gymnastics teaches kids how to climb, jump, roll, and land safely while working on coordination and motor skills. This will come in great handy when playing at the park, and will allow you to relax a bit knowing your child knows how to maneuver the obstacles safely!

4. Assisting in other winter sports. Gymnastics requires a great deal of balance and strength. The fundamental moves you learn in gymnastics can translate to other sports as well, such as skiing, snowboarding, and ice skating.

5. Gymnastics is FUN! There's nothing better than seeing your kid run, jump, and flip around, having so much fun learning to do things they didn't know their bodies could do!


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